Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Coop Controller V2!

Always turn your IR lights off when
you're not checking on your flock!
Some studies show they can see them!
I finally got around to ethernet-enabling our chicken coop door controller.  I'm using the arduino ethernet board to provide a simple api which allows me to update the open/close time and manually open the chicken coop door from my web browser or (cooler) my phone.

The time is still being read from a Realtime Clock module (RTC) and the open/close times are now being stored on the built-in eeprom (super easy thanks to EEPROMWriteAnything).  Both of these features are to ensure proper functionality can resume after a power outage, which ironically we just had this morning.

There is still the matter of "is the door up or down?"  You can see my poor-man's approach in the screenshot above.  I've just put a piece of white duct tape on the inside of the door in view of the camera.  This works great, except on really bright days during the day (the door is translucent and causes a glare on the camera).

This gives me a great opportunity to use a Flex Sensor!  Be on the lookout for V3 coming this spring!

In the meantime, check out the code at my github page.

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